Imperanon - Sold

Tekst piosenki:

   I am betrayed, all is lost in me
  Feeling cheated, my pain so overwhelming
  Can't you see, that you're dead to me?
  Don't you feel the pain inside of me?
  How have we
  come this far?
  How have I
  failed to see?
  I am sold, the world is lost in me
  Feeling no more, the numbness overtaking
  I am cold, draining the life from me
  Feeling so lost, is this the end of me?
  How have you
  made it this far?
  How have I
  been so blind?
  How have I
  come this far?
  Why do I
  feel this weak?
  Can this be
  the end of me?
  The end of everything?

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