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Imperanon - Rhythm of pain

Tekst piosenki:

   Cold sweat running down my skin
  This feeling I loathe, This feeling I craved
  To drown again in to emotional pain,
  To burn in the fire of misery
  Warm flames licking my skin
  Intense feeling of suffering
  My vision will fade,
  My heart will break
  Help me now, no,
  Please let me go!
  Pain so extreme as to cause writhing
  I'm convulsed by the agony.
  I'm alive yet, I wish I was dead,
  I close my eyes and take the dying breath.
  Pain, pain, go away, come back again another day.
  I can only escape it for a while, kill this pain, take it away.
  All my pain, all away and here it comes back again...

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