Imperanon - Blade

Tekst piosenki:

   From the flames of a burned down heart,
  Ripped off and torn apart,
  Life to ashes and life to death,
  I twist the blade and take your breath
  In the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,
  Cruellest mind my thoughts are running through,
  Deepest fear no light shines on you!
  Son of no-one and breeder of fear, I'm coming to take you away,
  Shadow hearted, me, Wild One,
  Bringer of pain and darkest despair, I'm heading towards the day,
  That Yer last wish's to be done.
  Through my blade I live my life,
  Your salvation in flash of my knife.
  Til' the last drop I make you crawl,
  Ya good as dead so fear no more.

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