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I Mother Earth - When Did You Get Back From Mars?

Tekst piosenki:

We never thought that you were gone until we turned the lights on
  and spoke to your god but he ain't saying nothing,
  except for some thing about your life going to waste in more ways then one
  I never liked him anyways
  You push it most days when you're young
  and then one day they grow up and everyone's wrong
  they can't teach you nothing they give you nothing
  so you get thinking maybe there's a phase where everyone floats
  south in never ending lemonade
  Inside of myself, daylight is almost waking up slow and wondering
  how sometimes it isn't always good here
  What made you go and when did you get back from mars
  You circled 'round odd fallen stars and reached out for the lightning
  until you were stung until there was a nice ring,
  the only right thing so you get thinking maybe in a way
  I'll never know for sure the full sad of everyone
  And hey, is there anyone known who gets along just great
  with everyone on all the days.

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