I Mother Earth - Pisser

Tekst piosenki:

Lost all my friends pulling down my
  Pants just to say hi and I'm still
  Alive without a tan, trippin', naked man,
  Through the forest who like me
  Has fallen right into a kind of grace
  Drinking from a river of fine wine just
  To ease my mind, then fell on through
  The hole I've made looking for a center
  In my life and just why I am
  I woke in the grass fascinated with
  Moving water and the smell of my breath
  Rampaging ants carry me to death or a last
  Chance and a swing for the fence, instead I
  Hit the bottom hard and wide looking for
  Escape from the daylight and the passing time
  Digging just to find a way someone like me
  Gets in the right line for the right ride
  At just the right time, hoping it doesn't take
  Too long to find a way...
  And I hope there's a sign
  I hope that it leads me well
  On the way
  I hope there's a sign
  And I hope I can read it right
  I'm running on, over and lower
  It's slow going half the time
  I hope there's a sign
  And I hope I can read it right
  It seems I've had a lifelong headcold full
  Of negatives, mindwarps and eclipsing suns
  Like hot air through my underwear while
  Sitting in my chocolate chair at home...
  It thrills me, turn the lights out and leave
  Me alone

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