Teksty piosenek / I / I Mother Earth / Earth, Sky & C.

I Mother Earth - Earth, Sky & C.

Tekst piosenki:

Given good ground to walk around on
  It would mean so much to me to see
  Things for my still young self or else
  I might not believe whatever people
  Say in their own ways, colourful faces
  And easy going shame almost telling me
  Things I need to know
  We're travelling, looking for the world
  Thinking in different words
  I'm not leaving you
  No way friend, you'd ever last
  Yo no voye
  Sweet earth boy
  You'll have to think and wait
  Given wide skies to search and fly
  It would sure seem to me that it's so
  Full of everything, either seen or unseen
  Endless night displays, cosmic death rays
  That hold your feet in place while
  Your mind runs away
  What I didn't know is that no one's going
  This old bus sits while jungles laugh and sing
  Nobody filled me in

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