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I Mother Earth - And The Experience

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Snowin' in July
  My girls mouth on my toes
  Complainin' old ghosts
  In bedsheets of love
  In my legs
  A strange start to summer
  But I gave it all up
  In time to wonder
  Just when I thought
  I knew what I wanted
  A dirty old man reminds me
  I'm young...
  The truth of all colours
  Think it out,
  Feel it up
  But do it right now"
  How long 'till I'm real
  I long to be real
  How long 'till I'm real
  Left home to live
  And I did
  Trippin' all alone
  I've travelled miles
  Because of my head
  I've sang to myself
  To keep from going mad
  The land as my bed
  I slept beside the road
  The ground is my friend
  I become the road
  The longer I'm gone
  Changing on the go
  The better I'll know
  Mother and Dad
  Can only give you so much
  So I gave it of myself
  In the real world, love
  Twenty first century
  Mind expansion
  I wrote my own poems
  'Cause I lived 'em

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