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Immolation - Those left behind

Tekst piosenki:

   I lift my soul joyfully
  If not, my life will end painfully
  Extol He who rides above the clouds
  Majestic and glorious
  Reigning victorious
  Exalted to His name
  Far above the Earth
  But below is where I`ll see
  Unmoved by Your praise
  High above the heavens
  Resounding out His name
  Far below are my beliefs
  Your majestic light shines down upon me
  I turn my face... and shut my eyes
  For Your light casts darkness upon my world
  A world I`ve not chosen... to dwell within
  For those who judge me by Your standards
  Say I`m unworthy... of Your grace
  Enthroned upon their praise
  Pethroned with my disgust
  Unworthy of Your glory
  You turn Your back on me
  Yo are Jesus
  You are Lord
  Imperfect God
  You are nothing to me
  For this You say
  I`ll burn for eternity
  Jesus Christ
  You are Lord
  You are God
  But have You won over sin and death
  Victory`s crown shall be ours
  For we are those
  Those You`ve left behind

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