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Immolation - Reluctant messiah

Tekst piosenki:

   Reluctant messiah, show us the way
  Don't let us down, we have no one left
  Your unwillingness to prove, what we believe
  The signs you won't leave, we still seem to find
  Such distance between us, but we know you are here
  We feel your presence, it guides us along
  But why won't you answer or send us some hope
  We'll just keep searching for what we know is there
  Why has our day not yet come
  We've sacrificed our fathers and sons
  We spill blood but shed not a tear
  Our anger grows, but so does our fear
  Speak to us...
  What have we done wrong
  We just want to believe In something larger than life itself
  Speak to us...
  Let us know your voice
  We just want you to see
  Our faith is true
  We just want you to see
  Our faith is true
  What more can we do...
  He must feel our devotion
  Will he know the righteous from the fallen...
  Will he know we're the first in line
  Save us from our fate...
  Save us from our faith

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