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Immolation - Into everlasting fire

Tekst piosenki:

   Will the love of God shed it`s grace
  Upon the evil side of man
  Symbolic throne begins to tarnish
  Poisoned with impurity
  Clouds of darkness start to thicken
  Dominate the tranquil skies
  Frigid Earth, devoid of light, begins to rot
  And die
  Angels fall, their wings decayed
  Their hymns of praise sung from the graves
  Unspoken prayers, cease to comfort
  The objects of His rage...
  Into everlasting fire
  Judgement passed, now conclusive
  The appalling truth reveals itself
  Our tragic end was procured
  By our own deceitful ways
  Once created in His image
  Now destroyed in His fury
  A disregard for our lives
  His people now condemned
  Denouncement of all who`ve sinned
  Their blackened hearts ripped from their chests
  Forgiving God, exalted high
  "Please forgive our sins!..."
  Into everlasting fire
  Blessed in life... flourish in death
  Children of God... destitute
  Embrace of love... misconceived
  Tears erupt... fall to hell
  Caressed by fear... we die as one
  Mourners of a dying world
  Too late to reconcile
  Into everlasting fire
  Can`t You see it`s Satan world

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