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Immolation - Holocaust

Tekst piosenki:

   A mushroom cloud in the distance
  Marks the end of your existence
  A matter of seconds to destroy all nations
  The end is here annihilation
  Lighting the fuse for spontaneous combustion
  Missiles are launched to bring forth destruction
  Mutated creatures roaming the wasteland
  Kill all survivors dying by their hand
  Hundreds of years to recover and rebuild
  Cause everything's wiped out and everyone's been killed
  Survive nuclear winter and the holocaust
  Your old life is gone, everything's been lost
  Nuclear blast, death is fast
  Billions killed, feel the chill
  Total death, in peace you rest
  Obliterate, a world of hate
  Go through the desert elude the acid rain
  Mutants embark on their tyrannous reign
  Furious battleground for mutants and humans
  Fight in the wreckage, fight in the ruins

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