Teksty piosenek / I / Immolation / Dawn of possession

Immolation - Dawn of possession

Tekst piosenki:

   Awaiting messiah
  To save us from sin
  A second hope
  His reign begins
  Born of virgin
  To conquer mankind
  Deity from hell
  Satan divine...
  Christ possessed
  I am born...
  Twist of scripture
  Christ possessed
  Come forth with wrath
  Evil obsessed
  Hatred and war
  Sadistic spell
  Swallows the Earth
  Thanks be to hell
  Christ possessed
  The pain has come...
  Praise the day the Christ child is born
  Born of woman, to evil he`s sworn
  To rule mankind like no other before
  Unholy throne, Christ adore
  Arise in flames... I am born
  I rule with fury... I rule with scorn
  Evil will conquer... and forever will be
  Bleed in pain... kneel to me

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