Teksty piosenek / I / Immolation

  A kingdom divided

  Away from god

  Bring them down

  Burn with jesus

  Christ's cage

  Close to a world below

  Dawn of possession

  Despondent souls

  Failures for gods

  Fall from a high place

  Father you're not a father

  Furthest from the truth

  God made filth

  Here in after

  Higher coward


  I feel nothing

  Internal decadence

  Into everlasting fire

  Lost passion

  Nailed to gold

  Of martyrs & men

  Once ordained

  Put my hand into the fire

  Relentless torment

  Reluctant messiah

  Rigor mortis

  Rival the eminent

  Sinful nature

  Stench of high heaven

  The devil i know

  Those left behind

  Towards earth

  Under the supreme

  Unholy cult

  Unpardonable sin


  Warriors of doom

  Wolf among the flock

  Your angel died

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki