Immature - Shorty

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   Hey now ladies guess who's back
  LDB Romeo and Bat
  For the 99 it's phat stack
  Yo Ra Ra about to rip the track
  You took my heart and ran with it
  Why you so damn scandalous?
  I found a chick who could handle this
  Bye bye love cause I'm through with this
  Oh my God what'd I do?
  I'm caught up in your game with you
  My best friend's girl what a shame
  Why did you play these silly games?
  Try to put the blame on me
  I always knew you were a freak
  I seen you looking right away
  Girl you've got a bomb body
  1 - I should've seen it coming when you stepped to me
  You're like my sis never thought it would be
  But there was something that you did when you looked at me
  That made me wanna get a little bit freaky
  Then I started thinking about my boy, he said
  What would he do if he knew?
  His homie was creeping with you
  2 - Keep it on the low
  We never should've did it
  Yo girl, my best friend
  He can never know
  Get up and get your stuff girl, you must go
  Keep it on the low
  We never should've did it yo girl, my best friend
  He can never know, oh, oh, oh
  Oh no can't talk to you
  Take it to the source what I can not do
  Gotta stop, cause every night
  All of this stuff ain't worth the fight
  My homie comes first that's how it goes
  Can't keep dealing with you silly hoes
  Buying your stuff and playing the role
  Baby I don't need you, no, no
  Repeat 1
  Repeat 2
  Isn't that your curiosity
  Doesn't mean a thing to me
  As I reach for the sky
  There's no need for me to lie
  Cause my love for him is strong
  I must hold on
  Immature come on dance with me
  Romeo, Batman, LDB
  Everybody come on dance with me
  Yeah, come on, come on, dance with me
  Can't forget Chris B-Z
  Everybody in the house dance with me
  Everybody in the house dance with me
  Come on, come on, come on, come on
  Repeat 2 till end

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