Immature - Pager

Tekst piosenki:

   Yeah this for all those ladies out there
  thats waitin' for that hustler that pimp
  that playa to hit you on the side
  I'll make sure I'll hit you on the side a little later
  (I'll make sure I hit you)
  So you know its just me jockin' you on your pager
  (I'll make sure I hit you)
  When your out about with your girlfriends
  You know im callin' baby
  So dont pretend baby
  I try to reach your heart
  Through your private line..oh baby
  I cant help the fact
  That your always on my mind baby
  Baby answer me when you feel me call
  If I cant have you girl
  I dont want anyone at all, baby
  True feelings that I try to hide baby
  Keep showin' girl
  When I hit you on the side of your pager
  Romeo Romeo feel me flow
  When you feel the rat-tat in your pocket
  Don't stop it
  Just lock it
  Yeah uh yeah yeah
  So I go one more
  I come again with this pager flow
  Rock on rock on yeah, yeah

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