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Immature - Never gonna let you go

Tekst piosenki:

   Would you think about how we used to be?
  You know that I loved you ever since
  But why would you do this to my heart?
  Leave me for some other guy
  Would you change your mind
  Can you kick it with me again?
  I can't let you go just now
  Baby....let me know what you want!
  'Cause I'm never gonna let you go
  Never gonna get you out of my mind
  You'll always be with me
  No matter where you you'll still with me...in spirit
  If you just open up your heart
  You know that things will go just fine
  Baby let me know, what's on your mind
  And let me please you, when ever you like
  Gimme the R, and the O, and the M and the E
  Oh, don't you know Romeo's gonna flow
  I gave you my love and life
  Holding it inside
  But when you walked away, you left me behind
  And I was broken hearted
  And why did you leave?
  Didn't I give you everything you needed
  All the love you want?
  And now you're gone
  Left me with a shattered heart
  And all i could do
  Is rap all about it
  Aint that right Fox?
  Yeah, that's right
  All up in the club with the Immature crew
  Lovin' every minute of it
  Just think about it
  Never gonna let you go
  I ain't no hoe
  Trying to run up after you
  Like you was my true blue boo
  I never wanted you for your stash
  But now you repay me by askin' for my ass
  Now wait a minute
  Ill Na Na ain't takin' it
  Ain't takin' anything, ain't taking your shit
  So once you get your mind made up
  Just go on out the door
  And get the fuck out outta my life
  So what?

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