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Immature - Bring your lovin home

Tekst piosenki:

  Yeah, yeah
  Look here boo
  I'm attracted to you
  How many ways
  Can I interact with you
  My brown sugar baby, you taste so sweet
  Finger lickin' good
  From your head to your feet
  You're thinkin' everybody got a piece of me
  Yeah baby
  I'm bad as Michael J, see
  Billy Jean is not my lover
  Go and see the ebony lover
  Watchin', moving slowly in the dark
  Chocolate dreams those feelings bout' to start
  In my mind everytime it's me and you
  One more dance
  Baby, love me now and through
  Bring your lovin' home my baby
  Bring it home to me
  I just wanna know if we can still swing
  Round and round with you my baby
  Up and down with through
  Bring your lovin' home my baby
  Whoo hoo
  Still in, feelin more in love with you
  When you dance I feel my hands on you
  Come with me I'll show love that's true
  Baby, oh, what can I do for you
  Still in love
  Moments shared
  Round and round
  Dancin' in your heart tonight
  I got what you want, don't sleep
  Cartier links (what) Persian minks, what
  No pressure lil' mama
  I keep you in Gabbana
  I keep you in the Donna
  You wearin Karen
  Got people starin at you
  Because of things that I do, boo
  Haha, haha, haha
  Now bring it to the Rome

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