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Immature - All alone

Tekst piosenki:

   This song is dedicated to my mother
  Who I really loved a lot
  And who I lost
  I love you...
  I'm all alone
  In this whole world
  With no one by my side
  But you
  New you're gone
  Now you're gone
  1st Verse:
  Everyday, I hope and pray
  You'll come back in my life
  You were my friend
  My confidant
  I treasure every moment with you
  Oh what am I supposed to do
  My mother and my friend
  Until the forget
  Chorus: Repeated 2 times
  2nd Verse:
  The smile you gave
  The way we played
  You gave me all my strength
  When I think about life
  I know you'll always lead my path
  Apart of you is still in me
  Which means we're always together
  You'll always be
  You'll always be
  Apart of me
  Chorus: Repeated 2 times
  You gave me your love
  I treasured your love
  I miss you
  I gave you my love
  Oh, oh, oh
  I know that you love me
  I know you will protect me
  I love you so much
  I don't want to be alone
  Chorus: Repeated 5 times

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