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Imajin - You're Da Bomb

Tekst piosenki:

  Imajin: Bomb Biggty Bomb ah baby baby biggy biggy
  Vers. 1: 24 hours since i met ya and i can't get you off my mine (your so
  fine) I can't wait until we get together and spend a little qulatie time
  Hook: and we roll (roll) it's all i eyes on you you've got me open and i got
  it good ohhh you're da bomb.
  Chors: I wanna sport you like a lexus coop i wanna make you my boo cause
  you're da bomb (you're da bomb) yeah you're da bomb bomb biggy bomb baby baby
  biggy biggy, i'll be on you like your tight blue jeans (you're turning me on)
  your shorty of my dreams cause you're da bomb, you're da bomb baby yeah
  you're da bomb. bomb biggy bomb a baby babe biggy biggy
  Vers 2: girl i wanna show you off that everybody peeps your style i'm gonna
  treat you like a queen cause girl you know you flyy!
  Hook 2: It's cool like that, that all homies wanna get with ya, can't nobody
  take ya from me, cause your mine o mine o mine!
  Hook 1: repeat
  Chours: repeat once
  Vers 3: (Let it flow) yes you know i'm feeling (feeling it) i think i'm gonna
  get dippin it (dippin it) don't stop don't stop the groove i like the way
  it's going down going down down baby.
  Vers 4: Just call me and i'm glad to be (be with you) all the things you
  asking of me and that can be no doubt that i'll always be your friend now
  until the very end
  Imajin: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  Chors: repat untils fade
  I'm telling you keep these!

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