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Imajin - I'm Feelin You

Tekst piosenki:

  I'm feelin' you
  like you're feeling me
  can't you see?
  there's a love going down
  I'm feelin' you
  like your feeling me
  can't you see?
  I will always be around
  verse 1:
  Every time I think about love
  I think about us yeah
  cause it's the way you're making me feel
  and you know it's real
  and I can't stop giving it up mmm hmmm
  when you feel that you need my love
  all you do is call on me
  and baby you will see I'm all that you need
  verse 2:
  Every time you come around
  I'm wearing a smile
  you've got me mezmerized, hypnotized
  with a look into your eyes
  and all that I see
  and I can't stop giving it up
  when you feel that you need my love (yeah, yeah)
  all you do is call my name (call my name)
  and don't you be ashamed
  if you feel the same oh
  So here we are (here we are)
  just you and I (just you and I)
  and I can't deny
  I got a thing for you
  so give it a chance
  and if you're down come around

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