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Imajin - Always Been You

Tekst piosenki:

  I like her but I love you
  She want me and you do too
  But if you ask me who it's always been you
  I like her smile but I lie your style
  your the only one my heart desires...
  I gotta tell the truth it's always been you
  Somebody saw me yesterday out at the movies
  With some other girl
  They told you something's going on
  And now you got it in your mind that
  I've been playin' but baby I'm sayin'
  I never meant to do you wrong
  Now you wanna know if I'm down with you alone,
  baby I'm admitting
  I was only trippin you are my only love
  I always thought about,
  How I could get her
  But when I was with her
  I only thought about you (baby)
  So don't ever feel that I'll leave you hanging
  Girl, your love is banging...
  And I ain't about to let you go (oh,no)
  It ain't so hard to choose (so hard to choose)
  It's you I don't wanna lose
  If those crazy thoughts get in yout head
  They'll turn you away from me
  whenever we're together
  I can't get any better
  So when they bring you the stories
  baby don'e believe a thing
  Cause You'll always be my lady
  And she'll only be my friend (oh, i love you)
  and I don't know what to do without you
  Chorus to fade
  Your the only one the only girl I want
  No one sles can come between us you know
  (anything for you)

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