Illusion - Fame

Tekst piosenki:

Brain I see your brain and it hasn't chioce
To became learned
In your brain intolerance n' ignorance
Have a solid place for operaiting

Your inherit those fuckin forces
You're blind lika a searcher of cave- mouses
My thoughts of mind that comig out
You're lost and roasted you have to go out

Another life isn't another
You don't see the light of our father
Your voice makes noise
But I used to live right there

Oh! Fame!

I hate some bullshit of your sources
So put your brain into the sae of progress
That is good to overpraise your system

'Couse you might change your dedly forces
You're blind like a searcher of cave-mouses
'Livin in your side dancin' on the right side
To fight all what I'm

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