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Ill Knob - Rap bashers

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   feat. Adriatic, Raheem
  [Intro: Raheem]
  It's like the Diary of a Madman
  If I'm ready, yes, I can, yes I can can
  [Ill Knob]
  Yo, word up, we gots to flip this
  Let this niggaz know we in the business
  Strong-armin, move away, I don't know who is this
  The rap bashers, night slashers, mic masters
  Street actors, the Klik rocks the best of street action
  State action, no fraction
  The population should put that to test
  The K, the G up in the industry
  all my niggaz who feelin this shit
  Fuck ya, I'm killin this shit
  I'm Knob-arologist, the psychiatrist
  The Klik of rhymers, word to mother, bring the drama
  You don't like me, I don't give a fuck, fuck ya
  You gots to hear me, I'm causin chaos, no mayhem
  While my mind ills like Riker's Island shields
  Your brain swells, know some stories that he or she tells
  While my mind dwells in darkness
  Weepin as she's cursed and he's heartless
  I'm in this to win this, demolish
  Deminish, I mean it, ya finished
  Your memory's gone, migraine born
  I'm goin on and on on
  The lies control my mind got me wide like this
  The lies control my mind got me wide...
  The lies control my mind got me wide like this
  With a crooked eye twitch from all the grooves in my system
  My Klik'll represent daily, that's mandatory
  We paid our dues in this, niggaz abusin this
  Ya bruised in this, MC's meet defeat
  Ya'll switch, tell me why shit goes down like this
  Everyday I stalk the streets, gotta pack my 4-5th
  Why do I? That's the crew, I gets down
  Half my peeps either dead or on lock down
  Domes get bashed, niggaz get caught up it's path
  [Chorus: Ill Knob]
  The rap bashers
  "Y'all respect it buck" -- ???
  It be the rap bashers
  "Y'all respect it buck" -- ???
  It be the rap bashers
  "Y'all respect it buck" -- ???
  [Ill Knob]
  What? Yo, protect yours, independent
  Klik Ga Bow be runnin shit, runnin shit
  Watch ya back or get hit with the stunnin shit
  Drop ya gun and shit, double with the knuckle game
  Nigga, Knob don't give a damn about the fuckin fame
  The rap bashers are here, representin real live niggaz
  Bitch niggaz just stare
  You pussies gettin more dick than Heather Hunter
  No wonder, Ga Bow's style make 'em fall under
  How you want it? Ga Bow serve that ass in 3/4th's
  Holocaust get brought, intersection in my fort
  The shady nigga maintain C.I. state of mind
  Rugged down, scuffed up Timbs and bad dimes
  Jet through in the MP, many lie, milk D
  'Bout to get bombed off LP
  True to this, my dunns bust guns since day one
  On a mission, the Klik pay they dues for opposition
  Death wishin, when shit get thick, the gat spit
  God damn, another young brotha hit
  The realest immortal mind
  So keep protectin while I'm disconnectin
  Interceptin, be connectin, disrespectin, neglectin
  Perfectin many ways, increase slaves to my rhythm
  How can you be down? Create a sound to be with 'em
  Tryin, bitin, not one dimension
  Who saw and did shit? Heard they gave info quick
  The immortal nimrod neutral, but if I have to I'll shoot you
  Reduce two shells, leave ya body layin where you dwell
  Shape shiftin, plans the braveheart, grant the immortal mind
  Ramel gets slow shine, that's what you do, now it's my time
  My intention is determined, that this beat you can't delete
  Quick, Bring Da Ruckus, we'll wiz randomly
  J. Web pass the wave, peace to Smooth locked away
  Healthy phantoms, to boogie, let's all pave the way
  Selfish ones, I told you, "Do you dare interfere?" (echo)
  ("buck" cuts and scratches to fade)

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