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Ignite - Silent goodbye

Tekst piosenki:

   From the first heated steps of a skulking by
  To the last cold breath of 'I hate you'!
  These things take too much effort
  To make it worth my while
  If you think that you know what I'm thinking
  It won't ever do to correct you
  Why should I care if you think you're right
  When the answer's all over your face?
  This is a silent goodbye
  To a fated mistake
  An unwitting arrow
  Pointing to the road that you'll never take
  Didn't meant to make you feel so bad
  I don't mean anything
  From a quick half-glance in the hallway
  To the slow dull stare of the dawn
  These are things I can't be bothered
  To bother with anymore
  My eyes hide eyes you can never see
  And my hands are never far from the truth
  A glare from your smile can't blind me
  It can only make me yawn
  This is a silent goodbye
  With my back turned politely
  You're standing right here
  But I find I only see you slightly
  Didn't mean to so lightly say it
  I don't mean anything
  I don't mean anything
  And I don't see you anymore

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