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Ignite - Parting wishes

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   Who do you want to be?
  Is it that one at the front of the crowd
  Moving to a song they don't know
  Dancing for a camera they will never see
  Flash bulb lust
  I don't want a piece of that fame
  I don't want no handy nickname
  Just let me wake up on the right side of the bed
  And let me see something there for once
  To let me know I meant something more
  Than just another car
  In your train of thought
  Who do you want to be?
  Is it that one on the front of the stage
  Shouting to people with a bullhorn mouth
  Going hoarse trying to turn back sheep
  Jesus clone
  I got no labels that you can scoff
  Don't want nothing that you can peel off
  Who's got my number?
  Stand forward
  No sleep
  Til I'm six feet deep

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