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Ignite - Ash Return

Tekst piosenki:

guess again everyone
  who just left us for dead
  what did you really expect?
  we'd never come back
  well we did
  well we did
  well we did
  better take another look
  these are the faces you forgot
  when the trend wore thin
  when the flame dimmed
  now you're gonna get burned
  now you're gonna get burned
  now you're gonna get burned
  our position
  always seems so grim
  we're trying to move forward
  while the past bottles us in
  there's so many voices
  that are telling us to quit
  all we can say is thanks
  thanks for nothin
  don't they know what went around
  is coming back
  catch your breath
  this is the wood, fuel and spark
  of out whole stagnant movement
  together we're gonna find a match
  ash return
  ash return
  ash return

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