Teksty piosenek / I / Iggy Pop


  Afraid to Get Close



  Avenue B


  Baby, It Can't Fall

  Bang Bang

  Beside You


  Boogie Boy

  Brick by Brick

  Butt Town




  China Girl

  Cock In My Pocket

  Cold Metal


  Cry For Love

  Dancing With The Big Boys

  Dog Food

  Don't Look Down

  Dum Dum Boys

  Easy Rider

  Eat Or Be Eaten

  Eggs On Plate



  Fall in Love With Me

  Fire Girl

  Fuckin' Alone

  Fuckin alone


  Get Up & Get Out



  Heart Is Saved


  High On You

  Highway Song


  I Felt the Luxury

  I Got A Right

  I'm A Conservative

  I'm Bored

  I Need More

  Innocent World


  In The Death Car

  I Snub You


  It's Our Love

  I wanna be your dog

  I Wanna Live

  I Won't Crap Out


  Keep On Believing

  Knocking 'Em Down In The City


  Little doll

  Little know it all

  Little Miss Emperor

  Loco Mosquito

  Long Distance

  Look Away

  Louie Louie

  Louie, louie


  Lust For Life

  Main Street Eyes


  Mass Production

  Miss Argentina

  Mixin' The Colors

  Mixin the colors

  Monster Men

  Moonlight Lady


  Mr. Dynamite

  My Baby Wants to Rock and Roll

  My baby wants to rock n roll

  Nazi Girlfriend

  Neighborhood Threat

  Neon Forest


  No fun

  No Shit

  Not right

  Outta My Head


  Perforation Problems

  Plastic & Concrete

  Play It Safe

  Power & Freedom

  Pumpin' For Jill

  Pussy Power

  Pussy Walk

  Real cool time

  Real Wild Child

  Repo Man


  Run Like A Villain


  Shakin' All Over

  She Called Me Daddy

  Shoeshine Girl


  Sister Midnight


  Social Life

  Something Wild

  Some Weird Sin


  Starry Night

  Strong Girl


  Sweet Sixteen

  Take Care Of Me

  The Passenger

  The Undefeated

  The Villagers

  Tiny Girls

  To Belong

  Tom Tom


  Tuff Baby

  Tumble And Twirl

  Turn Blue

  Waiting For The Man

  Well Did You Evah?

  We will fall

  Wild America

  Winners & Losers

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