Teksty piosenek / I / Idlewild

  4 People Do Good

  Actually It's Darkness

  A distant history

  A Film For The Future

  American English

  A Modern Way Of Letting Go

  Annihilate now

  Broken windows

  Bronze medal


  Century After Century

  Close The Door

  Everyone Says You're So Fragile

  (I Am) What I Am Not

  Idea Track

  I Don't Have The Map

  I'm A Message

  I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight

  I Never Wanted

  In remote part

  In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction

  Let me sleep

  Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)

  Listen To What You've Got

  Little Discourage

  Live In A Hiding Place

  Low Light

  Meet me at the harbour

  Mistake Pageant

  Out Of Routine

  Paint Nothing

  Quiet Crown



  Safe And Sound

  Scottish fiction

  Stay The Same

  Tell Me 10 Words

  Tell me ten words

  The Bronze Medal

  There's glory in your story

  These Wooden Ideas

  This wooden ideas

  What i am not

  When I Argue I See Shapes

  You Don't Have The Heart

  You Held The World In Your Arms

  You've Lost Your Way

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