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Ideal - There's No Way

Tekst piosenki:

  Ooh ooh no way
  1 There's no way
  I can love you like you need
  If you can't say you love me
  There's no way
  I can give you what you need
  If you can't give it back to me
  Said there's nothing I can do
  Cuz you can't seem to get it through your head
  That I really love you
  Stop playing more you know I do
  I feel you
  What does it take to make you see
  I'm right here for you
  What do I have to say
  Baby, will you listen to me
  There's no way
  Repeat 1
  Every other night
  After we tell each other we're in love
  We seem to start a fight
  Listen to me I'm tired of being bothered
  I don't mean to put you down
  But my options are running out
  I don't mean to cut you off
  But we need to have a talk
  Cuz there's no way
  Repeat 1
  Baby can you tell me why we have to fight
  (I would rather not hurt you)
  I just want everything to be alright
  (What's the matter with me loving you?)
  I just wanna live for you
  The way you wanna live for me
  I want every little thing
  All the little things to be
  Just the way they used to be
  Oh tell me
  Repeat 1
  Repeat 1
  Repeat 1

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