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Ice-t - Straight Up Nigga

Tekst piosenki:

Damn right I'm a nigga
  and I don'T care what you are
  Cause I'm a Capitaal N-I double-G-E-R
  Black people might get mad
  Cause they don'T see
  That they're looked upon
  As a nigga just like me
  I'm a nigga, not a Colored man
  Or a Black, or a Negro
  Or an Afrom American, I'm all that
  Yes I was born in America true
  Does South Central
  Look like America to you?
  I'm a nigga, a straight up nigga
  From a hard school
  Whatever you are
  I dot care, that is you fool
  I'm loud and proud
  Well endowedd with the big beef
  Out on the corner
  I hang out like a house thief
  So you can call me dumb or crazy
  Ignornt, stupid, inferior or lazy
  Silly or foolish
  But I'm badder and bigger
  And most of all
  I'm a straight up nigga
  I'm a nigga in America
  and that much I flaunt
  Cause when I see what I like
  Yo I take what I want
  I'm not the only one
  That's why I'm not bitter
  Cause everybody is a nigga to a nigga!
  America was tole from he Indians
  show and prove, what was tht?
  A straight up nigga move
  A low down shame
  Yo it's straight insane
  Yet they compalin
  When a nigga snatch
  Their gold chains
  What is nigga suppose to do?
  Wait around for a handout
  From a nigga like you?
  That why a low down nigga gets hyped
  But I'm not a nigga of that type
  I'm a steak and lobster eatin'
  Billionaire meet
  Cash money makin', movin' shakin'
  Corporate jet glidin'
  Limousine ridin'
  Writin' hits, filthy rich
  Straight up nigga!
  Now I'm a write this song
  Though the radio won't play this
  But I got freedom of speech
  So I'm a say it

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