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Ice-t - Squeeze the Trigger

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Squeeze the trigger
  Rampage on stage,my crews in a rage
  Searched my posse,found the Uzi but missed the 12 gauge
  Maniac,I'm a rhyme brainiac,livin' on the edge of a razor
  Remember that
  Cold rollin' thick as a shake,I'm rockin' hard as a quake
  I can't live on bread and water or lobster and steak
  My mino's a riot gun,there ain't none bigger
  About to unload the ammo,"E" squeeze the trigger
  They say I'm violent,they should watch their T.V.
  They say I'm brutal,they should check their P.D.
  You made me,now your kids rave me
  I rap about the life that the city streets gave me
  Murder,intrigue,somebody must bleed
  Miami Vice is small time,L.A's the big league
  From the rollin' 60's to the nickerson "G"
  Pueblos,grape street,this is what I see
  The jungle,the 30's,the V.N.G.
  Life in L.A. ain't no cup of ter
  Squeeze the trigger
  I've been dogged out by cops,shackled and socked
  Paid my dues to the streets,took my hard knocks
  Disrespected by snobs,damn near trampled by mobs
  Persecuted by squares workin' nine to five jobs
  Like a panther I prowl ,like a lion I growl
  Learn to see behind my back like the head of an owl
  I'm the voice of the youth,the prophet of truth
  What I speak is really though some
  May say ruthless tactics are takin' by me to awaken
  People to life but I feel no fakin'
  No jivin',no lyin',no frontin',no playin'
  Say exactly whats up,understand what I'm sayin'
  Ban me,try it,you might cause a riot
  What the radio won't play,the underground will supply it
  I'm a MC pirate that's loud not quiet
  Radical as they make'em,make a rule I'll defy it
  Critics may say I'm wise,some may call my words lies
  I've lived more in one day than they will in their lives
  But most do respect the words I inject
  Kick credit for realism and the truth I project
  Because I could bust rhymes for fun,or cut MC's like a knife
  But the topic I love is the drama of life
  So don't diss me don't dare,I feel you should care
  You may think I'm soft but you're just unaware
  Of the wrath of the Ice enraged prepare
  For a true nighmare
  Squeeze the trigger
  Cops hate kids,kids hate cops,cops kill kid's with warnin' shouts
  What is crime and what in not?what is justice?I think I forgot
  We buy weapons to keep us strong
  Reagan sends guns where they don't belong
  The controversy is thick and the drag is strong
  But no matter the lies we all know who's wrong
  Homeless sleep on the city streets
  Waitin' to die with nothin' to eat
  While rich politicians soak their feet
  In the pools at their ten million buck retreats
  People hate people for color of face
  No one had a choice in the race we were placed
  A brother in queens was beaten and chased
  Murdered cold in the streets, a goodamn disgrace
  Just because of his race,his life went to waste
  And no one went to jail when the court heard the case
  Justice or corruption?it's all interlaced
  How can you swallow this?I can't stand the taste
  Squeeze the trigger
  I get paid for illin',cold makin' a killin'
  My pockets keep fillin',I got dollars to the ceilin'
  Got a safe in my floor,car got bullet proof doors
  Every time I rock the mic I leave you wishin' for more
  Because my raps ain't bull,got cold stupid pull
  You wanna eat my rhymes like candy,till your mind's over full
  But most MC's today ain't got nothin' to say
  "A" to the mother fuckin' "K"
  Squeeze the trigger

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