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Ice-t - Fly By

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Everybody step back from the mic
  As I set it off
  All playin' the wall
  It's time to sweat it off
  Anybody with staatic oh please try
  I'll do ya like Godfather 3
  And do a fly by
  Time to rip and hit and strangle
  I eat Guardian Angels
  And toy emcees
  With their names on the front page
  I bury in shallow graves
  I don't rap to girls on my L.P.
  I don't beg for pussy
  I love the ladies
  aand they love me right back
  Now who's the mac?
  Mission accomplished
  I came to stomp this microphone
  And leave suckers unconscious
  and if you uthink
  Yo got an S on your chest
  You better wear two vests
  Watch your back, your front
  I always hit, don't bunt
  Crazy posse
  When I'm on a duck hunt
  Emcee Ice-T answers to no one
  Load my rhymes
  And cock 'em like a shotgun
  Let off like frags from a pipe bomb
  A low stroll
  and my mic in my right palm
  The cops hate me
  And that's right they oughta
  Before my crew
  Gets to their daughters
  Nat the Cat Grandmaster Caz

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