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Icehouse - My obsession

Tekst piosenki:

   I used to be the one who made you feel
  So safe and strong
  I could always make it right
  When everything was going wrong
  I don't know why it seems
  So different now
  I'm on my own
  And I don't know what it is
  That scares me when I'm all alone
  I can't believe that everyone I know
  Would lie to me
  When they all tell me that I'm not the man
  I used to be
  Don't want to hear about the things
  That I already know
  You've got to say it isn't so
  Oh no, it's the...
  The ghost of you that gets me every time
  Just won't let go until it brings me down
  I try to hide it but there's only one
  My obsession is you
  Yeah, my friends all turn away
  They tell me not to waste my time
  They say they just don't understand
  How anyone could be so blind
  And there's one thing you can't change
  Forget about her now you know she's gone
  Hey boy, that girl is just no good
  She's only gonna do you harm
  So I watch the hours turn
  Until I lose the last lony roy of light
  And I know I can't pretend
  Those shadows won't come out tonight
  (Chorus again)

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