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Icehouse - Goodbye Valentine

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   We were living in this matchbox
  Well, it must be quite some time
  I was slaving at the steel mill
  Every day on the production line
  And I came home one summer evening
  The place was empty, ain't that strange?
  She left a message on the mirror
  In pink lipstick she signed her name
  It said, I don't like this
  And I don't like that
  And I'm gonna hit the town
  Yes, I'm leaving you
  And I won't be back
  Goodbye, Valentine
  So I called up all my best friends
  I said, "hey, boys, just come around"
  We've howling like a gang of alley cats
  We've up and down and hanging 'round the main
  The postman woke me in the morning
  He was banging on my door
  He said, "I got a postcard from Jamaica
  And a telegram from New York"
  It says, I don't like this
  And I don't like that
  This is such a dirty town
  Well, I've spent all your money
  And it won't be back
  Goodbye, Valentine
  Well, I'm feeling so much better
  Yes, I'm livin' like a king
  I'm on my second bottle of Dr. Good
  And by now I don't feel a thing
  Well, I hope you're happy
  Have a real good time
  'Cause you know I'll do the same
  Yes, I will
  Yes, I will
  Yes, I will
  Later on, I don't remember
  Valentine was on the telephone
  She said, "I'm living with my mother
  And I'm bored, now can I come home?
  Now can I come home?"
  I don't like this
  Don't like that
  Well, excuse me, what's your name?
  But it's too late now
  'Cause I've changed my mind
  It's goodbye, Valentine
  You can take your silly hat collection
  And your sixty pairs of shoes
  Your Madona records always were a pain
  Your suitcase full of sequins
  Take your bean bag too
  This is goodbye, Valentine
  Goodbye, Valentine
  Well, I don't like this
  And I don't like that, no
  This is goodbye, Valentine

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