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Ice Cube - Alive On Arrival

Tekst piosenki:

Down at the best spot
  Its me and JD and they sellin more birds than a pet shop
  The spot's hot and everybody nervous
  That's when the blue car served us
  Oh why did fools had to let loose
  Heard six pops from a deuce deuce
  Big Tom had to push us
  13 niggaz runnin straight to the bushes
  For they gats so they could draw down
  But why a motherfucker like me had to fall down
  Not known why I dropped out
  Fuck it, still can't afford to get popped out
  So now I gotta jet
  Only ran one block, but my shirt soakin wet
  Tryin to see if we got him
  Looked down at my sweatshirt red at the bottom
  Didn't panic but I still looked cracked out
  Yelled to the homies then I blacked out
  Woke up in the back of a tray
  On my way, to MLK
  That the county hospital jack
  Where niggaz die over a little scratch
  Still sittin in the trauma center
  In my back is where the bullet entered
  Yo nurse I'm gettin kind of warm
  Bitch still made me fill out the fuckin form
  Coughin up blood on my hands and knees
  Then I heard "freeze nigger don't move"
  Yo, I didn't do a thing
  Didn't wanna go out like my man Rodney King
  Still got gaffled
  Internal bleeding as the bullet starts to travel
  Now I'm handcuffed
  Being asked information on my gang affiliation
  I don't bang, I rock the good rhymes
  And I'm a victim of neighborhood crime
  I need to see a MD
  And ya'll mothafuckers giving me the third degree
  Look at the waiting room
  Its filled to the rim like the county jail day room
  Nobody gettin help
  Since we poor
  The hospital move slow
  Now I'm layed out
  People steppin over me to get closer to the tv
  Just like a piece of dog shit
  Now will I die on this nappy ass carpet
  One hour done passed
  Done watched two episodes of M*A*S*H
  And when I'm almost through
  They call my name and put me on ICU
  Halfway dead
  No respect and handcuffed to the bed
  Now the trauma starts
  Cause the bullet must be just a hair from my heart
  So I begin the ass kissin
  Just to get looked at by an overworked physician
  Got the chills, but my temperatures 103
  Only got a band-aid and an IV
  That's when I start cussin
  Police steady askin me who did the bustin
  Why oh why can't I get help
  Cause I'm black, I gots to go for self
  Too many black bodies the hospital housin
  So at 10 P.M. I was Audi 5000

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