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Ian Moore - Revelation

Tekst piosenki:

   Pretty mamma break ‘me
  from these chains
  You told me that I was your only man
  Wrapped me up in all these
  guises of grace
  Now I’ve seen it face to face
  I’ve got a line on you
  Silent charade you’re a
  master of thought
  Indiscretion mounting
  As you gather your loss
  Undercover darkness was your veil
  Words were stolen love for sale
  I’ve been listenin’
  to what you’re saying baby
  But, what your sayin, I know it ain’t true
  I’ve been playing what your playing
  But baby I played you
  When you’re lying all the time don’t you
  Know it makes it hard to see the truth
  And you were blind to the fact that a man
  Can be just as evil as you
  Now the tide is turning and mamma
  You wonder where you stand
  I got a wild card in my deck, Little Baby
  Guess that gives me the upper hand
  I ain’t gonna fall in line
  Like all those other fools
  I had a revelation, baby
  And I got a line on you

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