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Ian Moore - Double crossed

Tekst piosenki:

   You fall for all the easy cards
  Too scared to bluff.
  Enoughs, Enough
  Moneys tight not a cent to waste
  Crunching numbers
  ‘Til they blow my brains
  Double Crossed
  I can see it in your eyes
  Fooled yourself
  Now you realize
  When you wait too long
  You get left behind
  Why’d you wait so long
  Sitting on the corner... 6th & Trinidy
  Watching cars go by
  This town is changing
  Doesn’t feel the same
  Am I losing my mind
  And I can’t figure out
  What’s wrong with me
  I’m always angry
  I can’t find a reason
  I guess I’m Double Crossed
  Oh look into my eyes
  Fooled again
  But now I realize
  I stuck around
  And I got left behind
  Guess I waited too long
  Guess I waited too long
  Too long
  So put away your tears
  There’s too many question marks
  And they make me feel so small
  They make me feel alone
  And try to smile
  If you’re gonna hang around
  Cause I need some levity
  I need to let it go
  Everything will fall apart
  You hold too tight
  It’ll only break your heart
  And you’ll be Double Crossed
  Just like all your fears
  It’s a long long winter
  Through the lonely years
  So lay in the sunshine
  While the sun is here
  Don’t ya take too long...
  Don’t ya take too long...
  Don’t ya take too long...
  Don’t ya take too long...

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