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Ian Moore - Deliver me

Tekst piosenki:

   Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme
  After all you're still quite small you don't know where you've been
  You was only swearing yesterday
  Oh you want to win the world away
  But now you got nothing to say-ay-ay
  Boy you're getting out of hand
  You've got to make a stand
  So put the coke away
  Boy you got the do the show
  Got to let the people know
  You got the strength to stay
  I can see you run
  I can see you hide
  Oh your heart is aching
  Lost in a dream of what might have been
  You're the guide
  You're the number one
  And your knees are shaking
  Stand and deliver in an endless dream
  Schizophrenic, photogenic, aggravates me so
  Only yes-men
  Have a guess man
  Watch the spirit go
  Batman zips the monster as he bleeds
  And gets up on the buzz he needs
  And a kid on the street just reads
  and reads and reads and reads
  and reads and reads and reads
  Boy its them hard case city blues
  Cagney is the news
  Does the giant ring a bell
  Boy its the Hudson East river cruise
  Its the Empire State buffoons
  Oh you know the story well
  Do you have to run
  Do you have to hide
  There's a new tomorrow
  Yes you're a mess
  But you're more than less
  When this battles won
  You can look inside
  Oh you did not borrow
  Yes you're the best
  But you still can't rest
  You know you know
  The carnival is closed
  Your street's alive with ghosts
  But a friend says don't look back
  Don't look back don't look round
  Your vision is your fate
  Through long electric nights
  When a woman helps you write
  Na na na
  Na na na
  Na na na
  Na na na
  Cheer up mate put the dramas in the past
  See you did not have to fast
  Euphemism lasts and lasts and lasts
  And lasts and lasts and lasts
  And lasts and lasts
  Boy if you've got an axe to grind
  Be thankful for this time
  For it gives you what you need
  Boy you've got an eighty-eight to play
  It'll tell you what to say
  It'll tell you when to breathe
  Boy take a turnpike heading west
  Turn the people on to Beau Geste
  Cause that's what you did the best
  Boy play the pipes till they're old and worn
  Sing the words till they fall forlorn
  Like the pieces of a jigsaw jet
  Boy don't let the earth get in your face
  its a middle-aged displace
  Its the middle ages snide
  Boy we're a million miles away
  And to think its so insane
  Take a chance on a one way ride
  Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your mind
  Oh these people ain't your kind
  No they ain't your kind at all
  Boy shoot a rocket clean out of your brain
  No these people ain't the same
  You can hear another call
  Boy the [other book?] starts with [no?]
  They don't show us how to grow
  They only show us how to win
  Boy the secret's in the bicycle shed
  Ain't no answers now they're dead
  To seek is a mortal sin
  Hey you know boy let your madness be the clue

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