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Ian Moore - Bar line 99

Tekst piosenki:

   Hey look at me now
  High wire trapeze
  No net beneath
  I’m the one
  That you should know
  Just let me groove you
  Just let me know
  Smile collect my disease yeah
  It does as it please
  Oooh yeah...
  Just give me a smile
  Cause you sure are pretty
  I feel so strong
  You could be mind, wouldn’t that be nice
  So have another drink
  And I give you pity
  Just one more drink well
  Ooh yeah, you’ll be mine
  You’ll be mine, so look a here
  Smile, collect my disease
  It does as it please
  Come on, come on
  Here it comes, here it comes
  Your flesh your lips your skin
  The life you hold within
  Dizzy I twist you around
  Crazy I’ll pull you down
  So sweet I’ll taste yourself
  All that I’ll pull your sin
  On down I’ll pull you in
  Make you mine

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