Ian Moore - Abilene

Tekst piosenki:

   Oh Abilene, inside of me
  Misunderstood and cruel
  My casual self betrays
  My point of view
  Well and I can see
  For miles and miles
  But I can never
  Call your name
  Oh Abilene...
  Too many sunny skies
  I’ll leave this town
  I forget your skin
  I forget your name
  And everything
  But you let me down
  Left me hanging around
  Like some strange fruit
  From a tree
  I’m afraid to sleep
  Afraid to walk these streets
  For the day they find me out
  There’s no sympathy
  For one’s like me allowed
  And never more
  You’ll hear regretsÊ
  You were never
  Oh and Abilene, to many sunny skies
  Oh and Abilene, to many sunny skies

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