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Ian McNabb - You must be prepared to dream

Tekst piosenki:

   VERSE 1
  You're going where the sun beats down, On previously barren ground
  You're going where the blue sky meets the ocean
  You're going to a special place, it's written all over your face
  But you must be prepared to dream
  You're looking at the higher ground, You're swimming in a sea of sound
  You're a chosen soul, you got a vision
  You're the first in line on every ride, and you don't pay no admission
  You're living in the perfect time, Looking good and you're feeling fine
  You're going to get everything you want now
  You're going to fly above the clouds where the music is so loud
  You're riding on a faster train, You're looking to a higher plane
  Man, you don't need a reservation
  You're turning up right on cue, and it all comes down to you
  You're unique, one of a kind, You know it's coming, you can see the signs
  All your life, you waited for this moment
  Pretty soon you're gonna fall in love, and it's going to last forever
  So set a course for the furthest star, You know you're good, now you know where you are
  Nothing's going to stop you, no-one's going to top you, believe it
  You're going to explode in a jewelled sky, and they'll all be there to see you

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