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Ian McNabb - That's why i believe

Tekst piosenki:

   VERSE 1
  You're driving in your car a little tune you used to know comes on the radio
  Wind your window down the sunlight pouring through the windscreen a little wind may blow
  Pull up to red light ease your seat back take a breath and watch the people pass
  When it turns to green again, put your foot down, turn it up and take it in
  That's why I believe
  When you leave the city all the colours are so pretty that they come alive
  Now you can't help thinking of the time when you were younger but that's quite alright
  Memories of Circus lights, kisses on midsummer nights that felt so real
  With you're daddy at the fair, running through the tall grass, is that place still there?
  Now you're getting close to home, could that be a hint of rain, it's that time of year
  Funny how you rush into a store for an umbrella then the clouds all clear
  Drive into the neighbourhood, you never see the neighbours (but that's fine with you)
  And there she is at the window, smiling laughing waving, and you have to tell yourself it's true

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