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Ian McNabb - Sex with someone you love

Tekst piosenki:

   VERSE 1
  You wake up in the morning and you hear somebody snoring and you rub your aching head
  The neighbour's playing Techno and they never show respect and so you jump right outta bed
  You stumble to the kitchen and the floor so cold, you lighten up a cigarette
  You make a cup of coffee and you pick up all your bills and then turn on your TV set
  They're talking to some loser who is clearly an abuser of a substance that's controlled
  They're trying to sell a CD to the luckless and the needy in the name of rock and roll
  And just as you are wondering if he dies his hair, a sponsor has a word
  You scoop up all your cereal, come over all ethereal and wonder why you ever cared
  You climb onto the number ten and stare into the face again of Mrs What's-her-name
  You fumble for your paperback, pray no-one has a heart-attack, but every day's the same
  You get of at your stop and visit Mr Bee's, to buy your daily news
  You read about the girl who's missing, find out who the stars are kissing, then you get the blues
  You walk into the office where the boss is making passes at the young girls on the floor
  He must be pushing 55, the pressures keeping him alive, his wife don't know the score
  At lunch you order pasta and a little drink, it gives you time to think
  About the night in front of you, exactly what you're gonna do, your heart begins to sink
  You walk into your local where your friends are very vocal 'bout the conquests they have had
  You never see 'em with them but you know you've gotta give them all the benefit however sad
  Someone suggests a night-club not too far away, you shrug and say OK
  You cimb into a taxi-cab, you're dreaming of that ol' kebab, the night just flies away
  You're standing in the disco like the Count of Monte Christo but you haven't got a prayer
  The music's gettin' faster and you know you'll never master all the things that make a woman care
  You walk home on your own it's been a busy day, you curse the stars above
  You pull your duvet round you shelf the problems that surround you and have sex with someone you love
  Sex with someone you love, you're having sex with soeone you love, sex with someone you love.

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