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Ian McNabb - Merseybeast

Tekst piosenki:

   VERSE 1
  I went down to the fishing hole, with a line and a pole
  The ice gave way and I fell in, the police went to inform my next of kin
  But I didn't drown I held my breath, I figured that I'd fake my death
  As I drifted down the Gulf stream to Miami
  I dried off at the blood bank, got a rental with a full tank
  Headed south, not even thinking I was jammy
  I'm funky and I'm free
  This is how I plan to be
  I'm a rockin', good-time boy
  And I can't contain my joy, I can't contain my joy
  I had a friend who took a wife - did too much junk and lost her life
  He ran away to kill the pain - such a shame, he didn't see a train
  They found his legs in Wavertree, his arms were in Fazakerley
  The Doctors somehow put him back together
  Now he lives down in the Dingle, says he's happy being single
  Smokes a lot of dope, and rambles on forever
  One day I plan to own a boat, on bright blue water I will float
  A good strong woman by my side, across life's sweet ocean we will glide
  For the unknown is the wonder, though you're frightened by the thunder
  It's the danger that appeals and keeps you going
  Though it's hard to know the answers, or the names of all the dancers
  Just as long as this delicious wine keeps flowing

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