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Ian McNabb - Loveless age

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   VERSE 1
  Get up Joe we gotta hit the road
  We've got a way to go the waters getting low we're in the loveless age
  The baby's dying and her momma's crying
  And the kids are trying but their brains are frying in the loveless age
  Helicopters in the sky illuminate the reason why
  Be careful if you're passing by, it's easy if you want to die
  In the loveless age
  Well we bang the drums till the curfew comes
  But the nights are worse and another hearse to the loveless age
  Nobody walks nobody talks
  There's nothing to say put your dreams away you're in a loveless age
  Have you got a child to sell I can't say he'll be treated well
  We used to dream of Camelot, now we make the most of what of what we haven't got
  Here in the loveless age
  The plague is on us and the times upon us
  There's a new day dawning and a family mourning in the loveless age
  The black and white are keeping up the fight
  The fat cat belches and the gambler welches in the loveless age
  Gather everything you own be careful as you leave your home
  Meet me at the century gates, though we both know there'll be no escape
  From the loveless age
  It's a loveless age
  You're living in a loveless age
  How're you doing in the loveless age
  Living in a loveless age

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