Ian McNabb - Hey days

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   VERSE 1
  Ain't it good to wake up in the morning, Ain't it good to fall asleep at night
  Ain't it good to stand up in the sunlight, And have your baby tell you it's alright
  Hanging out with just a few companions, no-one on the take or on the make
  Getting into trouble at the weekend, Getting into something for the sake
  Everybodies talking 'bout the old times, Everybodies living in the past
  Everybodies trying to recapture, Something that was never meant to last
  Treasure every moment you hear music, Let the laughter fill you up inside
  Think of all the precious time your wasting, Waiting for a good thing to arrive
  Think of all the things you could be missing, Crying 'bout another rainy day
  Time is ticking by and you're just wishing, Before you know it life has slipped away
  Think of all the lost souls who got tired, What they wouldn't give to be around
  So many seem to leave before they're ready, So many things are lost and never found
  Here in the Hey Days, Great Days, Now Days, Good Days

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