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Ian McNabb - Great dreams of heaven

Tekst piosenki:

   VERSE 1
  Got failing light and aching bones, Got beds in subways, paper homes
  Got clear blue skies and rainy days, Got sailors sailing, sailing
  Got mighty ships to cross the sea, Got plenty of room for you and me
  Got babies being born HIV, Got programmes failing, failing
  Liberty and freedom all the things that men require
  Children singing, church bells ringing, objects of desire
  Football teams and crazy scenes from 1967
  And we got great dreams of Heaven!
  Got TV shows from satellite, got company on winter night
  Excess of pills of pure delight, got flags all waving
  Got sandy beaches everywhere, fuel injected cars to get us there
  Got pension plans and healthcare, Got daylight saving
  Decency and honesty, the things that folk depend on
  Introduction, a dirty joke, and then a song to end
  Countries die, when rockets fly, and cities have been levelled
  And we got great dreams of Heaven
  Got ways of living, left and right, fast talking chat shows, sponsored fight
  Got kids who'll steal for just a hit, Politicians talking, talking
  Got idols selling fizzy drink, got reckless stealing everything
  So what going on it's hard to think, soap stars are singing, singing
  Verdant scenes and ways and means to understand our being
  Holocaust, catastrophe and beauty we are seeing
  Harder times of holy wine and bread that is unleavened
  And we got great dreams of Heaven
  Crazy leaders, self assured who sit atop their nations
  Banners headed "Peace and Freedom! Justice and Damnation!"
  Cold wind blowing, embers glowing, God knows where we're heading
  And we got great dreams of Heaven

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