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Ian Dury - I believe

Tekst piosenki:

   I believe in bottle banks
  And beauty from within
  I believe in saying thanks
  And fresh air on the skin
  I believe in healthy walks
  As tonic for the feet
  I believe in serious talks
  And just enough to eat
  That's what I believe
  Although it seems naïve
  I believe in Santa Claus
  To give is to receive
  That's what I believe
  I believe in 'bob-a-job'
  And life in outer space
  I believe an open gob
  Does nothing for your face
  I believe in being nice
  In spite of what you think
  I believe in good advice
  And not too much to drink
  That's what I believe
  Surprising as it seems
  I believe that happiness
  Is well within our dreams
  That's what I believe
  Although it seems naïve
  I believe that peace and love
  Are there to be achieved
  I believe in being fair
  St. Pancras station from the air
  I believe in taking care
  Moonshine sparkles in your hair
  I believe in being true
  In everything you try to do
  I believe in me and you
  I hope you share my point of view
  I believe in being kind
  Especially when it's hard
  I believe an open mind
  Can show a fine regard
  I believe that manners make
  A person good to know
  I believe in birthday cake
  And going with the flow
  That's what I believe
  As strange as it may be
  I believe this attitude
  Is good enough for me
  That's what I believe
  Although it seems naïve
  I believe it simplifies
  The tangled web we weave
  That's what I believe...

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