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Ian Dury - Hey, take me away

Tekst piosenki:

  What's all this spunk on the duckboards?
  Come on Lawrence... come on Lawrence...
  Let's go out and have a prayer meeting
  Take a chance with our new shotgun
  Hey! Come on Lawrence!
  It's time we escaped again, my son
  Oi! Come on!
  Hey, hey, take me away I hate waking up in this place
  There's nutters in here who whistle and cheer
  When they're watching a one-legged race
  And a one-legged prefect gets me in bed
  Makes me play with his dick
  And One legged orderly is shouting the odds
  Driving me bloody well sick
  When I get better, when I get strong
  Will I be alright in the head?
  They're making me well, if they're caring for me
  Why do they boot me and punch me?
  Why do they bash me and crunch me?
  Some of the counterpanes are pink and other ones are blue
  Hey, hey, take me away
  From the ones that go mad every night
  They're crazy and dangerous one-legged sods
  Who have to sit down when they bite
  One-legged Peter who knows bloody well
  He's got worse ever since he came in
  This other poor cunt, he was born back-to-front
  And he's always got stuff on his chin
  When I get better, when I get strong
  Will I be alright in the head?
  Give me a sweet and accost me
  I'll do what the fellas have lost me
  I know it's brown
  And the walls have been scraped
  With blood where someone hanged themself
  I hope so!
  Get it?
  Hey, hey, take me away
  I'm the first to put last in the past
  Take the handcuffs away and please do what I say
  'Cos I hate the untouchable cast
  I want to be normal in body and soul
  And normal in thought, work and in deed
  And everyone here will whistle and cheer
  And be happy to see me succeed
  Cheerful Charlie bless you
  Now that I'm better, now that I'm strong
  Will I be alright in the head?
  Grey worry lines in all my designs
  And life isn't rosy, it's red
  As to why I wrote this song
  I ain't done nothing wrong, but I'm unhappy
  Question: Do you blame your life on life
  And say it all began before the nappy?
  Hey, hey, take me away

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