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Ian Dury - D'onegal

Tekst piosenki:

   Fresh mist on the morning and tears in my eyes
  I'm back for the dawning of Donegal skies
  My life in the city seems light years away
  When I see the Blue Mountains from Ballybofey
  Where the wanderers welcome is kindest of all
  I've come back to my darling, my sweet Donegal
  We'll meet at the cross on the Rathmullen Road
  Where the sight of Lough Swilly is a beauty bestowed
  As we're counting our blessings away from the throng
  We will hear the wild birds sing their Donegal song
  Where the stranger is welcome to a true free-for-all
  They named you, my darling, my brave Donegal
  I raise up my glass at the end of the day
  God bless every sunset o'er Donegal Bay
  Sure nothing is sweeter wherever I roam
  As the smell of the turf of my Donegal home
  Where there's always a welcome and a how-d'you-my-call
  Forever my darling, my sweet Donegal
  Forever my darling, my sweet Donegal

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